Lady Brooke



Once upon a time…

there was a little redheaded girl with big auburn eyes named Brooke. Brooke loved all things pink and pretty, but most of all Brooke loved princesses. She loved princesses with glass slippers and fins, princesses with magic carpets and enchanted hair- and of course she loved the real royals! She wanted to be just like them!


Brooke Lowry hails from the lovely kingdom of Birmingham, Alabama, and was born with a love for fairytales and femininity. She left the South - but kept her southern roots - to attend Pepperdine University in the faraway land of Malibu, California, where she majored in Theater Arts (princesses love the arts) with an emphasis in Media Production and English Literature. While a student at Pepperdine Brooke had the privilege to partake in two study abroad programs next door to Kensington Palace in London, a Royalist's dream come true!


After graduation, she found herself working for the top executives of Paramount Pictures and Creative Artists Agency- she came to describe herself as a bulldozer disguised as a powder puff! Eventually she landed at Disney Television Animation for Disney Junior, fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams of working for Disney in Creative Development. After almost a decade in Los Angeles, Brooke made her way back south and now resides in magical Lookout Mountain, TN with her Prince.


For Brooke, Being a princess is a state of mind - it’s not just fancy parties, beautiful gowns, or sparkly tiaras. A princess is inclusive, inviting, and an intellect. She is classy, positive, and powerful. She is an engaging conversationalist, conscious of other cultures, and values her physical and mental well being. She explores the world through enchanted eyes and finds magic in the mundane. She spreads beauty and kindness wherever she goes-her kindness is her strength. Above all a princess is powerful, confident, and a champion of those who need her voice. She wears her invisible crown, holds her regal head up high with dignity and grace despite the circumstances, and lives happily ever after every day!